Money Saving Mamas: Verydice

One of our favorite new apps to earn free stuff from is Verydice! Seriously, we’re a little addicted at this point, but it’s so easy, it’s hard to believe it’s real!

In this app you complete tasks  such as inviting your friends and family to play, watching videos, taking surveys or downloading and playing games. Each task you get awarded a set number of rolls.  Then you simply click your screen to roll the two dice. The number you roll equals the number of tickets you earn. For example, if you roll a 1 and a 5, you will get six tickets.  If you roll doubles (i.e. 6 & 6), you will get double the tickets! You can also choose to roll with a ‘multiplier’, meaning every time you roll, you will earn double the tickets, and if you hit doubles with a multiplier you get even more tickets. However, if you do choose the multiplier, it will ‘cost’ you more rolls. So if you choose the 2x multiplier, it takes away 2 rolls, but  the payout is higher – you get double the tickets! The multiplier can be a great way to rake up lots of extra tickets pretty fast!  The other fun thing about this game is when you roll doubles, you have the choice to claim the extra tickets or play a basketball game for bonus tickets!

If you roll all the doubles in 24 hours, you win a jackpot! The amount of tickets in the jackpot will change depending on whether or not you rolled doubles with a multiplier.

Why are the tickets important? Well, that’s the crux of the whole game.  You save up as many tickets as you need to redeem for free stuff! Almost everything is on the list, as it pulls from Amazon.  You can search for items you want and begin to make your list of favorites.  As if it could get better? Everything ships with Amazon Prime, so it’s to your house in two days!!! WHAT?! Seriously, free stuff!

Verydice search

We’ve gotten pretty hardcore about this game, because let’s face it, we love free stuff!  You’ll hear us singing jingles we’ve made up from “you see me rollin'” to “rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ in the free stuff!” and staying up late nights playing games to get those extra 79 rolls- but it’s worth it.  In two months of playing, here’s a peek at what we’ve redeemed!  Melissa and Doug wooden toy sets, a Wonder Crew doll, and Cricut tools! With more tickets saved up, we’re finishing out Christmas shopping and starting on next year!

Verydice Rewards

Think Verydice sounds too good to be true? Think again!! Come join us and start getting your own free stuff.  When you join with one of our friend codes, you’ll get 50 rolls and we’ll get 30.  So thanks for helping us win more stuff!  Just download the app from the app store and add our friend code (you can only add one, so surprise us!)

Friend Codes: 472866 or 947142

Good luck and Happy Rolling!! Share with us in the comments what wish to win!

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  1. redrebelmediagroup says:

    WOW! I’ve never heard of Verydice and truthfully, I think I would be addicted just like it sounds that both of you are. How fun though! Definitely going to have to download and take it for a spin – literally!

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