My Journey in Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding Swag 

One of the things that I will say about breastfeeding is that it is hard work! When we were deciding between breast milk and formula I always thought breastfeeding would be easier. Man, I think I was wrong. Always being near my baby isn’t the hard part for me, but eating a nutritious diet and drinking enough water is! I’ve never been a person who drank a lot of water so this is tough for me, but I found something fun and super cute that helps!  Enter Creative Customs. At Forever Young Moms were big fans of all things local. So when I stumbled across this local shop I had to get a few things from it!

My first swag item is this awesome water bottle. Not only does it have this super cute saying, “Drink more water make more milk!” but it holds 50 oz of water!!! That’s a great way to keep me motivated at work!  I got one not only for myself but as part of a shower gift for a mom-to-be!


Second thing is despite how much I wanted to get working out I just hadn’t – and I was feeling some serious guilt about it. I kept thinking my “only” exercise was breastfeeding and that didn’t seem like enough. Enter my second swag item – this adorable tank (and me at my second home, Target!). It reads, “breastfeeding is my cardio.” Now I wear it proud for two reasons: 1- it’s a reminder that I’m doing great! And I am doing enough. 2- breastfeeding is a feat and I am conquering it! I can keep going!

breastfeeding is my cardio

Creative Customs isn’t just for breastfeeding mommies. She makes a ton of cute things!! She even surprised Sherrie and I and made this cute cup that mirrors our site, we just love it!

fym cup

Check out her Facebook to see more or get your own breastfeeding swag!

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