Organizing Essential Oils

Organizing Essential Oils!

You’ve heard us mention before how much we love Essential Oils! Well, we quickly discovered that when you have a lot of the oils and accessories, you need a way to organize and store them or it can get out of hand quickly!  FYM Emily found a convenient, easy, and affordable way to store hers and it utilizes another one of our favorite companies- Thirty One Gifts!

Meet the Glamour Case- this is a cute, compact case that’s lined in plastic. It’s actually made for carrying makeup- but it’s the perfect height for bottles of essential oils!  I liked to organize alphabetically so that it’s easier to find! I have found that one of the things I need at this point is labels for the tops of my bottles!

I started with my blends first because I have less of them! And put them in alphabetical order, but I quickly found I needed dividers! So I cut out the back of the black boxes that Edens Garden oils come in and voila! Instant divider.

Once the blends were in- I put in my single oils, again, alphabetically.  And then of course- another divider.

What I found at this point was I didn’t have enough oils! But it allowed me to have extra space for my glass roller bottles and 2 oz spray bottles. I ordered these from Amazon- they’re great for blending and making the things you need. They came with dividers and fit perfectly in the case.

That filled the case! And it left a little room for me to add my oil journal- this is where I keep track of the blends and diffuser recipes that I love.  On top of that I put on my Mabel’s Labels. If you thought that Mabel’s Labels was just for kids- you need to think again! They sent us these great home labels called Write Away. I am obsessed! They have two layers- the label and a white plastic. You use a sharpie (that I keep in my case) to write on the label. Then peel both and place on your roller. The white plastic smoothed the label so that there are no air bubbles, then peels off and leaves the perfect stick! I love it! I’ve tried labels that are just sharpie on the bottle, cricut vinyls, and nothing stands up like these! They are now my go to!

Mabels Labels Write Off Labels

Anytime I I need a new blend or a refill, it’s easy to make- I just pull out my handy case and I’m good to go!

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  1. Cassie | White Sands and Cool Breezes says:

    Great idea. It always feels good to be organized. Helps keep the stress down… along with the oils 🙂

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