Pampers Rewards: Why We Love It!

As couponers and money saving mommy’s we love rewards programs, but one of our favorites is Pampers Rewards! We both love and use Pampers diapers – our favorite style is swaddlers & cruisers! Pampers offers a  Rewards Program that is super easy and the rewards are awesome. If you’re not signed up or don’t know what this program is, you can check it out here!

Here is the lowdown:
You go and create an account on the Pampers website. When you purchase any Pampers brand wipes or diapers there is a code on the packaging. You then enter the code on your computer or their mobile app and it gives you a certain number of points depending on the size of the package.  There is no fee for this program, you simply just have to  buy Pampers diapers or wipes.


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Your points accumulate and you redeem them for rewards. These rewards range from coupons to gift cards to books to toys or even a play kitchen that Sherrie is holding out for!


How easy is that?! If you’re a Pampers family like us you have to take advantage of this awesome program. We love Pampers and this rewards program just makes it even better!

Sherrie & Emily

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