Pregnancy Brain: The Struggle is Real

A lot of times you hear the term “pregnancy brain” thrown around.  Is it real? Is it fake? To be honest, before I got to be as pregnant as I am, I wasn’t so positive that it was real.  Mommy brain, that I could understand; you’re recovering, you’re sleep deprived, you’re overwhelmed -it makes sense.  But, I am here to tell you, pregnancy brain exists, and the struggle is real.

Imagine, being mid conversation, about to say something and suddenly you have no idea where you were headed.  Train of thought completely gone! I can’t count the number of times lately that I’ve had to stop and really think, only to come up short.  It’s like having selective amnesia.

Here’s the most recent example of how bad my pregnancy brain has gotten. After we got married my husband decided he wanted to join the Army National Guard.  After a lot of discussion and hard choices, I came around to the idea. But I never imagined that getting enlisted would be a year and a half long process.  Throughout this time we’ve been asked to provide a lot of documentation such as our marriage certificate, birth certificates, etc.  It used to be all nice and organized in our home office.  But when the home office suddenly has to become the nursery and you combine that with nesting that has kicked in, I go on cleaning rampages and things get lost in the shuffle.

Case and point?  I found out on a Thursday we needed an original copy of the marriage certificate for Monday. Our birth certificates (which we also needed for Monday) had been sitting in our tray on the coffee table. Now, I will admit that’s probably not the safest place for them, and let me not forget to mention that my husband neglected to tell me that we needed them for that Monday, and it was Friday afternoon. I can remember the day that I moved them. We had company coming over unexpectedly, I had an hour to run around and get things cleaned up.  I remember picking them up and saying to myself, “okay Emily, put them somewhere safe!”  Do you think I was able to find them? Or remember where I thought it was safe?  Absolutely not.  I ran around the house Friday night looking for them like a chicken with my head cut off, cursing and trying to rack my brain.  My husband, who works nights, came home to me in the middle of this furious search and tries to calm me down.  That is the last thing that was going to work.  I immediately launched into not only an aggravated rant, but also a complete emotional breakdown.  For my husband, it just means a drive to his home town (about 45 minutes) on Monday morning.  Luckily, we don’t need mine as I was born about 2.5 hours away – dodged a bullet there! But do you think it mattered in that moment?  Not in the slightest.

To those women who are pregnant and feel like they’re losing their mind- hang in there.  Pregnancy brain is a real thing and there’s no preparing for when it will strike.  My advice?  Make multiple copies of everything and keep them in a centralized filing cabinet.  When all else fails- have a pint of ice cream on standby.

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