Pregnancy Update!

Wowee! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by! I have not even had time to write about my journey because we have been so busy with Logan and we just moved into our first home a few weeks ago – my hands and belly are pretty full right now! 🙂

Last time I wrote I was just entering into my second trimester and now I have just begun my third. Second trimester wasn’t all that bad. The only issues I had were some mild-moderate heartburn and excruciating hip/groin pain. I believe my pain was SPD so I started wearing a maternity support belt and it really helped with the pain. Now I am battling really painful muscle cramps/spasms at night. My doctor told me to drink more fluids and stretch. I really hope this does not stick around to the end – it keeps me up at night and once brought me to tears! The other pregnancy symptom that has really caught me off guard this time is how HOT I am. Now I understand why people say being pregnant in the summer is no fun. With Logan I got pregnant at the end of summer so being hot wasn’t a major issue, but catching colds were. As much as I hate the heat, I would rather be hot than constantly have a cold! Although neither are really fun!

At 20 weeks we did decide to find out the gender – no way Matt could hold out and I was pretty curious myself. We have a really cute name picked out for this baby that only immediate family and close friends know so far. Everyone really loves it – can’t wait to share both things with you guys!

As I reach the home stretch I find myself getting more and more excited and other days super anxious. How will I manage TWO kids?! Despite my fears and worries, we cannot wait to meet this baby. The joy of meeting your child is no like no other joy and in just 12 weeks, give or take, they will be in my arms. We are always telling Logan about his soon to be born sibling. He comes over and taps my belly and sometimes will run his toy truck over my bump. When we tell him to say hi to his sibling he says hi and waves his hand. I know he doesn’t quite understand, but it is still super cute. Can’t wait to see them interact together.  Until then, I will settle for this baby’s crazy kicks. I am convinced they will be a soccer star!

Well I need to grab some tums and drink my water! Check back soon for my post announcing the gender!

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