Pregnant in a Digital Age

Remember back in the day when you would hear someone say, “There’s app for that!” Well, as you know it is true, especially these days where you will rarely find a person without a smartphone. When you first find out you’re pregnant, as well as throughout your pregnancy, it’s natural to have questions and to want to know what’s considered “normal.” And sometimes calling your doctor to get answers may not be as quick you’d like. Here are recommendations on what we think two best pregnancy apps out there are.

Emily- Ovia Pregnancy


I loved the Ovia Pregnancy App.  Having tracked my cycles previously on the Ovia fertility app, it made sense to me to use their pregnancy app as well.  I really thought that putting in data every day would drive me crazy, but it actually became second nature.  I also loved how it would tell you each week what size your baby was, but not just by the regular fruit and vegetable measurements.   Certainly, that’s there if you’d like to judge that way.  But I chose to switch it up from time to time judging by the size of French pastries for instance, or classic childhood toys.  It was always fun to see that our little girl was the size of baked brie or a croquembouche or a Gameboy or a cabbage patch doll!

It became a ritual on Saturdays to read to Mike what size the baby was and developmental milestones associated with each new week of pregnancy.  It also helped that it would tell you the symptoms to expect, in fact I think it made him realize a little more how not glamorous pregnancy really is and to be a little more sympathetic.

While the symptom tracker is helpful and important, the feature I have really loved is the timers.  Every day I can track fetal movement, which is really important because I can’t always remember how much she would move every day to keep my doctor informed (see post re: Pregnancy Brain).  There’s even a timer for contractions, and with the amount of false alarms due to Braxton Hicks I’ve experienced, it’s so convenient to be able to just time the contractions and see how long they last and how far apart they are to make a decision on whether or not I really need to call the doctor’s office.

The only thing I wish Ovia did was provide an app for baby development once baby arrives; however, I am still looking forward to reporting the birth in the app! But I wish given that there’s a fertility app and a pregnancy app, that Ovia made a baby development app, too. I’ll be on the hunt for good ones. 🙂

Sherrie- Baby Center

In addition to also loving the Ovia Pregnancy app Emily discussed above, my other favorite app is Baby Center: My Pregnancy.  I feel like this app has everything from A to Z for expecting moms. As most pregnancy apps do, it gives a snapshot of baby developments and tells you how big your baby is each week. The app even breaks down your pregnancy day to day by rotating different topics such as nutrition, health tips, products and gear, what’s happening to your body, questions you might have about what is safe and so much more. The app even gives you a baby registry checklist with the ability to search products and read reviews on what other moms like and disliked – how cool is that?! Other features include a kick tracker, contraction timer, and the “bumpie” where can you track your weekly pregnancy belly shots. 🙂

Out of all the features offered in this the app my favorite is the pregnancy checklist. Each week it provides a guide for you on what you should be doing and preparing for throughout your pregnancy. As Emily mentioned above, pregnancy brain is totally real! So it is nice to have the reminders and the ability to check the box when you’ve completed the task. Some of the reminders on the weekly checklist include taking a walk, writing down a pregnancy memory, taking your pre-natal vitamins, and my personal favorite – do something nice for yourself. Because pregnancy can be pretty tough!

Baby Center

Lastly, when your baby has finally arrived the app suggests that you download the Baby Center: My Baby app. Similar to the pregnancy app, it gives you the daily rotating topics about your baby. The checklist on this app is great because you can customize it yourself to include what you want to keep track of. It also offers a sleep guide and a feeding guide.  A super helpful app for first time Moms!

Do you use any of these apps? Or do you have any other good ones that we don’t know about? We’d love to hear from you – let us know!

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