Products We Love: BabyBum™ Diaper Cream Brush!

Let me tell you about my all time favorite baby product: The BabyBum™ Diaper Cream Brush! Have you heard of it? Do you already use one? Well, I am a HUGE fan!

I first saw this product all over Pinterest and like others my initial reaction was, “is this baby product really necessary?” There are so many products out there for parents and some of them are really just money wasting, useless items we don’t need or don’t use. This is NOT one of those products!


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A few weeks after my little guy was born he developed a nasty diaper rash and we switched to a super thick diaper cream that was difficult to spread and even more difficult to get off our fingers and from under my nails. While he is wiggling around my fingers are covered in the cream and I am trying my hardest to close the diaper without getting it all over him or me. Now I have to go wash it off which was another task I hated – it’s so sticky and it is under my nails…GROSS.  Even using a baby wipe was no match to this thick cream.

So one day I sat down and said that is it! I am going to give this product a whirl, it is only $8! I hopped on to Amazon and ordered one blue BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush. Well, this was the best $8 I have ever spent on baby products! My husband and mother were also hooked after the first use.

So here is the lowdown on how it works. You grab your BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush and apply as much diaper cream as you need right on the top of the brush. The brush is made from BPA free silicone so it is safe and flexible making it super easy to spread evenly on your baby’s bum. After the cream is applied the brush conveniently has a suction base so it can stick to your changing table. This allows you to finish closing up the diaper without sticky fingers! Simply then take one baby wipe and wipe it clean. It is that easy!


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Also – did you know that you should be washing your hands before applying diaper cream? If not, you are spreading the bacteria on your hands right onto your baby’s bum which could create rashes or make them worse. That is another thing I love about this product – it is sanitary. I never have to worry about transferring any sort of germs to my little guy’s bum!

I love this product because it is easy to use, easy to clean and is sanitary for babies. It is my go-to baby shower gift! My only regret was that I didn’t buy more than 1 the first time I made my purchase.  I am convinced in a few short years this product will be on every baby changing table – I am that much of a believer of this product! You can purchase your very own brush on their site, as well as these other retailers:


Are you curious to give this product a whirl? Well you have the chance to win your very own BabyBum™ Diaper Cream Brush thanks to BabyBum Products!  We will be giving one away on Facebook and Instagram! Here is how to enter:

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Official Rules:
1. You must like and/or follow both Forever Young Moms and BabyBum™ Products pages.
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4. You have until Thursday, April 21st at 11:59 PM ET to enter.

The winner will be announced Friday, April 22nd at 12 PM ET!

Good luck!

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