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In the the past  we reviewed the Kiinde Bottle System.  Now what we love even more is Foodii, the baby food system made by the makers of Kiinde.  This works perfectly in conjunction with the Beaba Babycook and is a staple in FYM Emily’s meal prep Sunday routine!

Everyday I send pouches of homemade purees to daycare for Madeline each week.  We have mentioned previously how it’s much easier to make baby food in advance. While I meal preps lunches and snacks for my husband and I on Sundays, I know started adding Madeline to the mix and found it only adds about 30-45 minutes of time.

Once everything has been made in the baby cook, or if it’s been made previously and frozen in cubes, I can put the puree into the foodii container.  What I love about this container is that it holds 16oz! It has measurements on the side, so you can keep track as you’re filling your pouches.  Madeline typically eats 2 oz of puree at a time, so I fill it to 4 oz.  which gets us through a good two feedings.  That’s perfect for a day at daycare, or if we’re out and running errands.

I typically label my pouches with the contents, amount, name and date.  Then I blow air into them so they stand up and are ready to go. The Foodii system comes with a funnel that fits tightly in the top of the bags to avoid wasted spills.  It’s important to note these pouches are the same bags from the Kiinde system I’ve been pumping into using for storage and bottles!

Now you’re good to go! Either put them right in the fridge to be used in the next few days or freeze them.  I usually make 4 pouches of 3-4 varieties a weekend every other weekend and freeze some.  This way I can be sure Madeline is getting a variety of flavors and nutrition.

When you’re ready to feed the baby, the top screws off and this spoon pops on.  I LOVE this spoon, it’s the best part of the system. When the spoon is on, you just squeeze the pouch, or tip it down, and the channel fills the spoon for easy feeding.  Sometimes we feed right from the pouches at home – less clean up! – but is great for on the go.  When we’re on the go, you don’t have to re-screw the cap back on, there is a top for the spoon and fills the channel to ensure no spillage of food and fits tightly to keep the feeding part hygienic and clean!  We actually leave a spoon attachment at daycare, it’s quick to wash and can be used over and over again.

We are really enjoying this new feeding adventure with Madeline and the Foodii system makes it so easy for us! You can read more about this great product on their website. Happy feeding!

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