Products We Love: Mabel’s Labels

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One of the products that we just can’t get enough of is Mabel’s Labels!! Sherrie came across them and shared them with Emily and it was love at first peel!

When you first start to think about sending your child to daycare, there are a number of things you need to send with them.  In addition to things like diapers and wipes, milk or formula, you need to send things like extra blankets, a crib sheet and extra outfits.  In a daycare setting with multiple children, you can imagine it’s difficult to keep track of everyone’s things.  Insert: Mabel’s Labels.  These are genius!! The idea is they are peel and stick labels that can go in anything, and suddenly, your child’s things are personalized!

These labels are just too cute – of course I chose a princess theme in shades of pink and purple for Madeline, but there are lots of different themes, colors, and fonts to choose from.

Mabels Labels

What we also love about them is that they are able to stand up to the laundry.  Wash and dry the clothes and the labels are still on them! This is super helpful so you don’t go through thousands of labels.  It’s enough of a problem to try to label all of the clothes that Madeline has! The only regret I have is not ordering more! I got a baby pack, and the first order you make there is a coupon code! So worth the money for the convenience.

In addition to the peel and stick labels for clothing, they have all sorts of other great products. Bag tags, child safety products, household organizational labels and so much more!  Their products are made for people all ages from baby to toddler to teen to adults. The other thing we love? It was a company founded by moms – so you know these products were designed to be safe, durable, fun and functional. Be sure to check them out!

Sherrie & Emily

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