Step2 Push Around Buggy

Products We Love: Step2 Push Around Buggy 

For Logan’s first birthday his grandma and grandpa gifted him a Step2  Push Around Buggy. Logan loved it! In fact, he loved it so much that we used to have to push him around our apartment when it wasn’t nice enough to be outside! Everywhere we went, this buggy came with us – to the park, to family parties, to the pool, visits to grandparents, the list goes on!

Step2 Push Around buggy Classic

We love the buggy for two main reasons:

  1. Your child can interact with the buggy. While you’re still doing the function of a what a stroller does-  your child is suddenly entertained. They can pretend to drive, beep the horn, turn the steering wheel, put their toys under the hood, etc. They have so much fun with it!
  2. It allows you to take them anywhere and not have to carry them or lug around a bulky stroller!

So when Madeline’s first birthday rolled around Matt and Sherrie really wanted to get her the pink buggy. They admit they were nervous because they didn’t think Emily would like it. Now, let me just say (Emily here) that I hated the idea of this thing- we have a stroller, what do we need another big thing for that takes up so much space? I would have never bought this for Madeline. However, after watching her light up and play with it- it’s been wonderful!

Step2 Push Around Buggy Pink

We took Madeline to Niagara Falls and walked almost three miles pushing her around in it. When we take her on long walks she never gets antsy- she just loves being in her buggy and playing with it! So much more so than her stroller! We’re so thankful Matt and Sherrie got it! Plus how cute is she?

Step2 Push Around Buggy

You can get your own buggy in many different styles and colors! You can get one like Logan’s or Madeline’s, or even a race car, sports car and much more!

Do you have one? Does your child love it as much as ours!? Let us know!

Sherrie & Emily

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0 thoughts on “Products We Love: Step2 Push Around Buggy 

  1. Amy Patton says:

    I see these everywhere! We have a little mini coup for my daughter and I wish they have a handle!

  2. babiestobookworms says:

    I love the handle to push it! My daughter isn’t ready to push herself or pedal, so this would be perfect for our walks!

  3. Ashleigh says:

    We got one of these for our nephew a couple years ago and he loved it but I had completely forgotten about it! We’ll have to get one for our little man when he gets a little bigger since we love going on walks together.

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