Registry Must Haves: Our Favorites 

When you start to register, particularly as a first time mom, the process can be completely overwhelming. Just deciding on what store or stores to register at is tough, and all of your friends and family will have an opinion (for help picking a store to register, like Amazon, see our advice here). Here are the types of products we think you should be sure to register for:

Travel System: Travel systems (car seat, car seat base and stroller) are extremely important as you will most likely use them everyday. This is a place where you should do your research. Sherrie and Matt went with the Britax b-safe car seat and a BOB stroller and Emily and Mike went with the Britax b-safe car seat and b-agile stroller. Both are top of the line rated for safety, lightweight and easy to use!  Emily and Mike also chose to register for an extra base knowing they would be swapping out multiple vehicles and didn’t want to always be moving the base from car to car.

Crib/Pack & Play/Bassinet: If you’re not buying furniture before your shower, you definitely want to put a crib on your registry. We recommend a convertible crib, you’ll get more life out of it as most can transition to a toddler bed. This helps save money in the long run, but remember that most baby’s don’t sleep in their cribs for a few months. You will need a bassinet of some sort. We’re totally obsessed with the Halo bassinet, it’s amazing! You also want to make sure you don’t forget a pack and play. Many will have a bassinet features you can utilize but more importantly, this is your portable crib. It’s great for traveling to have a place for baby to sleep. In addition, it doubles as a great place for those little ones just on the verge of being able to move on their own to play in a contained space when visiting friends or family, or even in your own home.

A Glider:  Again, if you’ve purchased your own furniture you can skip this item but if you’re registering for furniture do not forget the glider! Gliders are a lifesaver at 3 am when baby won’t go to sleep, so choose a comfy one!

A Baby Carrier: Baby wearing is all the rage right now and we totally understand why!  Just being hands free allows you to have her strapped in and be able to take the dog for a walk, grocery shop with ease, or simply do housework. Carriers come in many different varieties from traditional carriers to wraps and slings.

Swaddle Blankets: In those first few weeks you’re going to need a lot of swaddle blankets! The hospital sends you home with some but we have a few that we love. The first are these cotton blankets from Carters. They’re nice and warm and soft! Second we love alex + anais muslin swaddles. They’re a little big to use right away but work well and double as great nursing covers.They’re also nice and lightweight for those of you who have summer babies.

Bouncy Chair/Swing: Babies love bouncy chairs and swings. As long as it has a vibrating setting and bounces it should do the trick to soothe and calm them. Emily picked the Fisher Price Snuggle Puppy because it was adorable and Sherrie picked the 4 Moms Mamaroo swing.

Diaper Bag: You definitely are going to need a diaper bag to carry of all your baby’s items. We recommend going bigger than you think you will need. It’s amazing how much stuff babies have and we are always looking to maximize space in our diaper bags! Emily has two Kate Spade bags – they’re huge and she loves them! Sherrie has a Skip Hop diaper bag which worked great for just Logan but with another baby on the way she is upgrading to a Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag which is bigger and has the option to be worn as a backpack or messenger bag.

Bath Items: Although in the beginning baby’s can only do sponge baths until the umbilical cord falls out and you do not need to bathe baby every night, it is still a good idea to get an infant bath tub. An infant tub allows babies to lay safely and comfortably during bath time. They will grow out it eventually but not until they can sit up on their own. Along with a tub you will need necessary bath accessories like towels, wash cloths, body wash, shampoo and lotion. We love the CeraVe baby shampoo/wash and lotion! It is free of those harsh ingredients that can be tough on baby’s soft skin.

Play Mat/Toys:  Just like adults baby’s can  get bored too so it’s a good to keep their brain stimulated. In the beginning an activity play mat is great for their developing minds and then once they can hold themselves up an exersaucer makes for exciting play time! We also love the Lamaze toys.  Logan has the moose and dinosaur and Madeline has the Jauques Peacock. Emily swears by Jauques Peacock. Pictured here he is easily Madeline’s best friend! It’s now a must give gift to all of her friends who are expecting!


Health & Safety: Just a few things that are also smart to throw on your registry are some essentials you may not think of. Items like baby nail clippers, thermometer, first aid kit, grooming kit, & baby proofing kit. These items are great to have on stand by because you will never know when you might need them. It saves you stress from having to run out to grab it when it comes time to needing it!

Other products that are good to register for that we didn’t mention above are crib bedding, humidifier, baby monitor, bottle set, burp cloths, bibs, nursing pillow, diaper pail, diapers,  wipes – the list goes on! Babies need a lot of stuff! When it comes down to it – it is entirely up to the parents what they want or need to register for. We suggest to take the time to do some research prior to making your registry – it will save you some time and stress.

What baby product can you not live without? Let us know in the comments!

Sherrie & Emily

0 thoughts on “Registry Must Haves: Our Favorites 

  1. softfuzzygunddog says:

    This is a pretty great list of necessities, although not necessarily all stuff I would put on my registry, just because of the price tag. I do seem to be in need of a bigger diaper bag, which is something I hadn’t even thought of, even though I’m less than 2 weeks away from baby #2! I like the idea of a backpack; in fact I’m not sure how I would manage the load off my shoulder! Cloth diapering takes up extra room (and weight!).
    One thing I might add to your list is a UV screen/net. It’s like a silvery bug-off cover but it offers sun protection as well. It stretches over whatever baby is in, be it a car seat, stroller, or pack and play!

  2. The Cool Mom says:

    My youngest still sleeps in her pack n play! We put a soft mattress in, she won’t sleep anywhere else. Makes it so easy when we travel or spend the night with family!

  3. milesandellie says:

    Travel System for sure! You aren’t even allowed to check out of the hospital here without an approved carseat. I also couldn’t agree more with the baby carriers. My kid is in one ALL the time (even right now he is sleeping on my back). Every babe is different, and it definitely goes a long way when you have help on some of those big ticket items!

  4. Gina says:

    This is a great list!! I don’t think I could have survived my second son’s infancy without a baby carrier. I wore the Ergo pretty much every day for the first 6 months! Such a huge lifesaver!

  5. sayhellonature says:

    We didn’t add a glider to our list, but my parents insisted on getting us one. I am SO glad they did! It is one of the best things we received before she arrived!

  6. Caitlin says:

    You have listed so many great items. I forgot to include clippers/first aid kit on my registry. Luckily, someone must have noticed and purchased them for me anyways! Those baby nails would have gotten long real fast! Thanks for this really detailed post 🙂

  7. Tina says:

    Expecting moms really do need to take the advice of experienced moms on this – but ask more than one! Some of your typical lists found in magazines are ridiculous. When you ask 5 moms and notice a trend, register for those! I think this list about sums those essentials up. I couldn’t live without my Boppy, tub with the sling so I could use 2 hands to bathe them, a safe place for them to sleep, and a safe place for them if I had to leave the room so they didn’t get stepped on by the chaos in our house! Swing and bouncy seat (nothing fancy) worked for us!

  8. maria criselda maquiling says:

    a travel system is definitely something I would want to have in registry =) but whoa on the kate spade diaper bag! that would be super to have

  9. Kim Amy says:

    We used a hand me down Pack N Play, but still registered for one and then gifted it to our kid’s grandmother. She loved that we thought of her and we love that we didn’t have to have a sleeping area in her house for overnights!

  10. thecoffeemom0617 says:

    My swing was my favorite piece of baby furniture lol. I always say put everything on a registry, even if you plan on buying it yourself, that way you get the discount on that item after your shower 🙂

  11. Elle says:

    This list is perfect! I just helped my sister-in-law with her registry and we had all of these on her list. This is a great resource for first-time moms! Nice work 🙂

  12. Brittany|Memoirs Of A Good Thing says:

    I wish I had had this list my first pregnancy! Being a first time mom is so exciting and it’s only natural to want to buy EVERYTHING! Of course we get blinded by the cuteness and forget the essentials sometimes. I am now expecting #5 so I’ve learned the hard way! I hope this helps guide all the new mamas out there in their shopping endeavors. Have fun but don’t forget the essentials!

    • Forever Young Moms says:

      Safety items is one of the most overlooked items we have noticed. It makes sense because most people don’t really focus on baby proofing right away! It is great to have on standby because one day out of the blue, they are on suddenly on the move!

  13. marsmanlangit says:

    These are helpful for new moms and dads.

    As a mom of three, and a mom for 8 years, i definitely recommend most of these things. I find though, most fashionable styles of ‘baby bags’ are so tiny these days? I remember my very first one..even my second one, it was an eddie bauer one, and it was a size of a shoulder bag for students back in the ’90s. Those bags fit everything! Now, with two babies under two, i cant fit much into the newer styles.

    Love the baby carrier..these things are so useful, even around the house! I wouldn’t recommend using it while cooking though. But to go up and down the stairs, even to get your make-up done while baby naps on ya! Super awesome!

    I didnt have a glider though, i just found them super expensive. But I did have swings, which were just as useful!

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Forever Young Moms says:

      You are right about the bag sizes! Sherrie has two under two as well and it was a struggle to find a bag to fit everything. We are all about baby carriers and you make a very good point about not wearing them while cooking. Glider was a hit for Emily, but Sherrie not so much. It is interesting to see what works for one mom, might not work for the next! Thank you for reading!

  14. Marcie says:

    I had high hopes for our pack n play but we’ve used it about 3 times between my 2 kiddos. But I’ve used my baby carriers almost non-stop these past 3 years! We also got a Puj tub for baby #2 and it’s much nicer than the hard whale tubs. And I splurged on Tula blankets, which are sooooo soft and big!

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