Remembering Your Pregnancy

One of my obsessions the last few years has been chalkboards. Seriously between our house and our wedding we have so many in different colors and sizes! I got all of ours at Marshalls, Home Goods or TJ Maxx and I love them!

When we found out we were pregnant I knew I would hate having my picture taken, but I wanted to ensure that we remembered this special time! So I enlisted the help of my graphic designer friend so she helped me create my weekly chalkboards!

We started out using chalk dry erase markers but eventually learned that they die quickly and are hard to erase from these types of chalkboards.


Unfortunately, there was a week that my designer friend was on vacation and I was left to my own devices to draw the board- needless to say it didn’t turn out well!

Once we hit this point I realized the chalk markers were a bust. In fact, I had to redo the chalkboard  with chalkboard contact paper (found at Lowe’s or Amazon) because of the issues we had when removing the chalk markers. This is where we made the switch to paint pens. The great thing about paint pens is they’re more vibrant and as long as you get to them quickly they wipe right off with Lysol wipes!


 I have loved looking forward to taking these photos to chronicle our pregnancy. I have two older sisters that live in different states and my parents are four hours away. These chalkboards have been a fun and creative way to share photo updates as the weeks have progressed!


  What did you do to remember your pregnancy?

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