Teething Tips: Breastmilk Popsicles

Recently Madeline has begun teething. I could not believe it when I figured that out.  By 13 weeks old my baby suddenly became extremely drooly, started chewing on her hands and fussing randomly.  It took me a while to realize it could be teeth because I just thought it was too early! Turns out, if you reach in her mouth, sure enough the top two teeth are attempting to make their way out.

I am a mom who cannot stand to hear her child cry.  Madeline’s cry is so sad and almost cartoon like and it pierces at my heart.  Teething has not been fun for us, she gets fussy and will just randomly squeal and cry, almost like you had pinched her.  I figured out that cold things like teething toys from the freezer seemed to really help.  So I figured, what about frozen breast milk?

I wish I had thought about this prior to freezing some milk.  They make popsicle makers that are smaller so you can pour the milk in and then freeze it but I of course I didn’t think of that.  Instead, I had a few small sized bags of frozen milk, 2 oz or less, why not just give her those in one of those mesh feeders?  Well, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to work with frozen breast milk but it is STICKY.  The bags I have are not the same size that fit in the feeders, so imagine me, chiseling away at a sticky frozen block of milk, it was not fun.  However, once assembled she is happy as a clam and it keeps her relatively pain free.


The next time we need them, I will plan better, but breast milk popsicles are the way to go!

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