Thank you, Dad!

This weekend is Father’s Day! We would like to take the time thank our fathers for everything they have done for us!


If there is one expression I hear said about me a lot that rings true it’s that “I am my father’s daughter.”  While I look a lot like my mom, throughout my entire life everyone has always told me that I am a carbon copy of my dad and I am so proud to be! My dad has taught me so many things in my life, but the one thing he made sure I always knew was that I could do anything that I wanted to or be, if I just stood up for myself and went for it.  When I was little I played ice hockey and for several years my dad was my coach, but he was always my biggest supporter.  One year in particular, the last year I played boys hockey, I had a lot of trouble with a teammate.  I was 12 at the time and it was getting to be a physical game.  I was the bigger person (another thing my dad taught me) for most of the season until this kid took a cheap shot in practice and slashed the back of my legs with his stick (there’s no padding there).  Instead of crying and being the victim, I chased him down, pushed him over, climbed on top of him and started punching.  My dad, who was also a coach on the ice with us eventually broke up the fight, but let me get a few good hits in (thanks, Dad!) and also I’m sure was secretly cheering me on.  My dad is always my biggest protector, as he is with my two older sisters, he wants to ensure that we are safe from harm while still learning the value of being independent.

My dad is my best role model. My parents had their first child at 19, despite not finishing his degree my dad worked for everything to support a family of 5 and make sure we wanted for nothing. Then, just to prove he could do it, he went back to school online (the same way I finished my degree) and finished his Bachelors.  It was one proud moment for me to be his daughter.  He has always taught me work ethic and the value of earning everything you have.  That’s something I consider one of my greatest strengths.

Above all else, my dad is the humor in my life.  Whether it’s a silly inside joke, or a pun that’s not really funny, he is constantly making me laugh.  The most humor comes out when he looks at his grandchildren, he is certainly a kid at heart. He recently rode in the backseat with Madeline for 6 hours playing with her and laughing.  I love you more than you know Dad, thanks for always being there and supporting me and trusting that I’m right, even if I’m wrong. Thanks for becoming a Giants fan just to please me.  Above all thanks for just being you.  I love you. Keep on rocking Steve Miller, whether you keep your name or change it to Dave Matthews. 🙂


Father’s Day is a tough time of year for me. Unfortunately, I lost my dad when I was a young girl. They say time helps to heal everything but for me it has been the total opposite – it has only gotten harder. Every year that passes is another year that he’s missed out. He’s missed out on dance recitals, softball games, winning school awards, graduating high school, walking me down the aisle…but the most gut wrenching thing he missed was me becoming a mom. Logan would have been his first grandchild. My heart aches knowing that he missed out on becoming a grandfather. I know with every inch of my body that he would have LOVED Logan with all of his heart. Even though he is not physically here with us, I still believe he is watching over me and my family. I thank him for that. I also thank him for loving all of his kids (I have a sister and a brother). Every single person who had the honor of knowing my father has constantly told me that his kids were his entire world. I find comfort in that. I thank him for passing on his love of music to me, his passion for life, and even though Matt picks on me for them, his funky big toes (haha). Although he is not here, has has taught me more about life than some dads can say. He taught me that life doesn’t have to be serious all the time. That it’s all about having fun and making people laugh. I’ve been told he was the life of party – I guess I know where I get it from! 🙂 Dad, I miss you, I love you and not a day goes by that I do not wish you were here with us, especially Logan, who by the way also has your silly big toes! You’re smile shines on through all of us kids who are lucky to say that we have one kick ass guardian angel. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!!!

On a happier note, the good part of this story is my mother did find love again. She remarried a man who was willing to fill the shoes of my dad who physically couldn’t be there to do it. Jim has been there for us kids for as far back as I can remember. Any man who comes in and is willing to take on 3 toddlers speaks volume of their character.  He was there for my mom during some extremely difficult times. I cannot thank him enough for taking care of the one the most important persons in my life which is my mother. Currently he works 6-7 days a week (construction work so not easy!) while my mother drives up to watch Logan. I am very grateful he does not complain that 4 days a week he has to live alone after working long days so my mother can be there for us. It just further proves what a good guy he is. We have not always seen eye to eye, but then again what parents always do with their kids? Regardless there has never been a time that he has not been there for me – whether it was something small like a ride to a friends house or $20 for the movies to big things like buying me my first car or fixing up things in my first home. Jim, thank you for everything you have done for me and the family. You have taught me to have thick skin and take shit from no one. I love watching you and Logan together. I can see and hear how much you love him which brings me great joy! Logan is lucky to have a grandfather who loves him to pieces! We love you and hope you have a very Happy Father’s Day!!

To all the dads out there – Happy Fathers’s Day from us at Forever Young Moms! We hope you take the time you deserve today to doing something nice for yourself. Enjoy!

Sherrie & Emily

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