What You Can Bring/Do for New Moms

As Sherrie gears up for baby #2 we thought it was a good time to reflect on what people brought us as new moms and what we really appreciated. Of course, you’re always appreciative of visitors, everyone wants to visit and meet the new baby which is very nice, but can be overwhelming as well!  The last thing you want to do after pushing a baby out is entertain guests. You’re sore, you’re sleep deprived, and you’re trying to adjust to life as new parents.  We have found that there are many things that you can bring or do for a new mom (and dad!) that they will truly love you for!

  It’s very hard to want to muster the strength to cook dinner once you come home from the hospital – especially knowing you need to wash dishes after! Some people, like Emily, were able to prep meals before they went into the hospital and keep them in the freezer. Not everyone gets the chance to do that though so one of the best things that you can bring to a new parents is food.  Whether it’s a mac and cheese dish, any type of casserole, soup, etc. We suggest something that can be reheated easily or frozen and then baked.  It will be so appreciated by the new parents who barely have time to eat together and who are probably getting sick of eating and paying for take out.

This may sound crazy but one of the best things someone can do is come to the house and help out with some of the housework that has built up.  Whether it’s doing a load of laundry, loading the dishwasher, vacuuming, etc. – we promise the littlest bit is greatly appreciated by the new parents.

 Time and Patience
Another blessing that can be done for a new mom is time and patience, and by that we mean, give mom a break! Visitors that come for an hour, hold the baby, and let the new mom sleep uninterrupted for a short period of time are amazing. As much as people say to a new mom “sleep when the baby sleeps” it’s not always that easy as they look around and see everything that needs to still be done.  Having someone to hold the baby and trust that it will be okay really helps.  In Emily’s case, after Mike left for boot camp, she really appreciated visitors that would come hold the baby so she could shower! Putting Madeline down when she was sleeping and then trusting that Bruce wouldn’t bug her for ten minutes so she could shower was sometimes an impossibility! And that shower was the best ten minutes of alone time she had all day!

A Gift
Chances are you may have already gotten a baby shower gift, but if you’re thinking of purchasing something for the baby check out the new parents registry. Perhaps there was something that was not purchased that would be great for them to have – whether it is big or small – the parents will appreciate that it is one less thing they need to run out and get for the baby. Even if you just picked up something small like a container of wipes or a box of diapers – it is all a huge help!

What did people bring or do for you you that you appreciated? Share with us!

Sherrie & Emily

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  1. ashleighsimons says:

    As someone about to have their first baby, I can imagine that all of these things would be immensely helpful! They would all take a ton of pressure off of mom while she is recuperating. I’m going to keep them in the back of my mind to tell loved ones when they wonder what they can do! 😉

  2. simplel2 says:

    Food and cleaning are the biggest I think! But I wouldn’t clean a house visiting a new mom I’m not close to! I think restaurant gift cards are a good gift too for take out if the new parents don’t feel like cooking or you don’t know what they like!

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