What’s in a registry? 

When it comes time to pick a registry, it can be a tough decision. There are so many options out there to choose from! And when you boil it down, each place comes with its pros and cons. Here is where we registered for our babies and why.

When we found out we were expecting I knew exactly what registry I wanted to use. Having used Amazon for our wedding registry I knew it was the perfect match for us for our baby registry. I’m a huge Amazon fan in the first place. We have a prime membership and I cannot imagine my life without free two day shipping!

What I love about Amazon Registry is that not only can you add items on their site, but you can also include products from other websites that are not listed on Amazon. It will still show you a picture and the price, but then when someone goes to purchase that product, it will link them directly to the site to purchase that product.

A feature of Amazon I love is the Wish List option, it couldn’t be easier! The nice part is when you add an item to your Wish List, it also adds it to your registry. So when you’re searching and you find a product you know you want, it’s as simple as clicking one button to add the product to both. After you add items to your registry you can go back and organize how many of each item you need, the categories you want them in, and even assign a priority level so that you can note that a product is more or less important.

 Amazon also offers some other perks when you have a registry with them including a completion bonus. Once your registry is complete (a certain percentage of it has been purchased), you’re eligible for a completion discount. As long as it’s all placed in the same order, you get 10% off anything left on your registry. This came in handy because we got a lot of gift cards from our shower and I was able to choose the things I knew we still needed and get them at a discount. As long as they’re sold by Amazon- there are no exceptions!

I never thought twice about using a registry entirely online. I didn’t miss the scanning gun or walking through the stores. I highly recommend Amazon’s registry to other moms-to-be but with a couple of caveats. You have to know what you want: Amazon will make some suggestions but it helps to know exactly what you need.  Second: do your research so you know what you want. It helps to know your brands and model numbers prior to making your registry. Third: Don’t rely on just Amazon reviews to guide you. While they’re helpful, particular things like car seats are not mortar to research!


Buy Buy Baby
Unlike Emily, when we were making a decision on where to register, we were like a fish out of water. I wasn’t totally sure what was best. There are so many options out there! We also love Amazon, but I am a very visual person and since this was my first baby, I knew little to nothing about baby products. I figured registering in a store would be better for us so I can see the products in front of me and ask employees any questions we may have. And of course, my husband loved using the scanning gun – he is a kid at heart!

We ultimately picked the store Buy Buy Baby because they have locations all over New York and New Jersey, which is where my guests from my baby shower were from. Your guests can shop in-store or online and the store product is pretty consistent from one store to the next. I noticed Target wasn’t really able to offer that and we didn’t go with Babies R’ Us because I just wasn’t as familiar with it. My sister worked at Buy Buy Baby when she was in college so I was able to use her as a resource when I had questions about store coupon policies or registry questions. I also loved that Buy Buy Baby accepts coupons, not only their own store coupons, but also from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and manufacturers coupons. The store will also price match! Thank goodness for the coupons and price matching because at times Buy Buy Baby tends to be slightly more expensive than the other stores. I wanted those shopping my registry to save as much as money as they could!

When walked into the store, we were immediately overwhelmed! It is SO big! We sat down at the registry desk, met our registry associate, and then began to tackle the store. With the scanner in hand and the in-store registry associate it was go time! The associate we had was super helpful as she actually worked with babies as her full time job. She knew what all the popular brands and products were.  Something I loved about Buy Buy Baby was a lot of the products were out on display. This is exactly what I needed, as I said above I am a very visual person. For example, when it came time to pick a car seat and stroller they had almost all of their strollers assembled on the floor. It was our most expensive registry item so I felt good knowing we were able to give it a little test drive!

After we finished up what we could we were given a goody bag full of free samples of all sorts of baby and pregnancy products! What a treat! Later on I was able to make some changes online which was great because I knew we had missed some essentials. I should also mention your registry acts a receipt so if you get a duplicate item at your shower or there was a product you just didn’t like, it allows for hassle-free returns. And another BBB bonus, there is also a completion coupon for 10% off your remaining registry items, although we didn’t use it because they are always sending us 20% off coupons in the mail, a much better deal for this money saving mama!

And last but not least, if you know someone who has used a Buy Buy Baby registry and you also decide register there, you can put them down as your referral and they will receive a coupon in the mail. My best friend Heather and fellow Mom Blogger just registered at Buy Buy Baby and used me as her referral! Thank you so much, Heather! If you want to see what awesome goodies came in the free goody bag, check that out her blog here!

Buy Buy Baby

Where did you register? What were the pros and cons?

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