Hospital Bag Essentials

There are so many varying posts on what you should pack in your hospital bag. When Sherrie had her baby, she realized she forgot a few things and Emily recently found out she barely opened hers and as a result was way over packed! Here’s some of our best recommendations.

Comfy Clothes: After you deliver you will have the choice to get out of the hospital gown and into your own clothes. You will still have nurses checking on you, will have to breastfeed frequently, and do skin to skin contact. We recommend maternity yoga pants and nursing tank tops. Also- a sweatshirt that zips or a robe to help cover up when you have visitors or if  you want to take a walk around the maternity wing.

Snacks/Drinks: Okay, so this may seem strange as you’re not allowed to eat when you’re in labor but these snacks aren’t just for you. Your husband will really appreciate them – especially if you have a long labor and delivery! Once you get the clear from the doctor that you can eat, you can also enjoy some snacks while you are in recovery.

Toiletries: After having a baby you are definitely in need of a shower. Don’t forget your shower essentials like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shower flip flips, towels and washcloths. You will also want to pack hair products, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Baby Outfit: Any hats, blankets, or outfits you want to put baby in. Since you don’t really know how big your baby will be you may want to pack a newborn and 0-3 month size outfit – that is entirely up to you!

Electronics: Make sure you have your cell phones, cameras, chargers, and any other electronic devices you may want such as an iPad or other type of tablet. This will help pass the time when baby is sleeping (if you’re not also sleeping!).

An Extra Bag: We both wished we had packed an extra empty bag. When you leave the hospital you will have a handful of additional items to bring home.  Emily got sent home with items such as a sleep sack, blankets, side snap shirts, formula, nipples, diapers, wipes, and Vaseline. Sherrie’s nurses gave her a a handful of recovery items like the mesh undies, witch’s hazel, jumbo pads, and lots more. We both agreed that all this stuff barely fit in the diaper bags we have! The other thing people you may want to put in an extra bag are gifts people may bring you and the new baby. Having an extra bag to carry out all this stuff will be super helpful!

Thank You Gifts: Your nurses work hard to help you through not only labor and delivery but also through caring for you and your little one in those first few days. It is always nice to have small thank you’s ready – whether that is a gift card for coffee or bags of goodies to be able to leave with them when you are discharged.  Sherrie gave her nurses flowers and Emily brought hers some donuts! All of the nurses appreciated our small, but thought gesture! We would also recommend bringing thank you notes or at least a pen and paper to make a list.  Friends, family, and even coworkers may stop in with gifts or send you gifts – it’s important to keep track for when you send thank you notes.

Forget about packing everything else! Emily packed a few books thinking she’d have time to read (we know, you can laugh with us!). You don’t need your pump, your own diapers and wipes, or even that many outfits. The most important thing is that your car seat is properly installed and inspected and that you know how to strap baby in.  You will need it for the ride home!

What were some of your must haves?

Sherrie & Emily

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